Inbjudan från ISPU

Dear friends of ISPU,

it’s a pleasure for us  to announce the coming event in Vienna and say many
thanks to the organisation of the ÖSPK for presenting this event.

We have published for a long time this ISPU conference and ISPU Show by our

Now we’re sending the official invitation for this conference and show.
More details are attached in these documents.

We wish all of you a good time und are happy to see you in Vienna.

Best regards
Michael Otto
ISPU administration


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Viktiga datum

Affenspecialen 31/8 2019

Styrelsen informerar
Styrelsen har beslutat att från och med nr. 1-15 publicera vår klubbtidning Affenbladet även på hemsidan. Läs mer här.

pg. 643 75 41-3